50 Years Anniversary

Company Profile

A Brief History

R. J. West was founded in 1966 as a small precision machining company.
Commitment to its customers, high quality workmanship, innovative,
value-added ideas and an unreproachable standard of business practice
are the reasons the company steadily grew over the years into a respectable
enterprise known to the industry. R. J. West’s total commitment to quality,
timely and reliable customer service is unchanged from the time the company
was established almost a half a century ago.

R. J. West today not only serves the Canadian and U.S. Market where its
largest customer base is but exports its quality product to overseas markets.

Born out of this industrious mid-size machining company is the
West Brake Lathe, a small but efficient lathe created for the metal working
industry. The West Brake Lathe is particularly designed for resurfacing
automotive and light truck rotors, drums and flywheels.


R. J. West operates out of its own industrial building strategically located in
Toronto Canada, a half hour drive only from Toronto Pearson International
Airport. We have a wide range of standard and modern CNC equipment at
our disposal. Hands-on management with an engineering degree and a staff
of highly skilled, experienced tool makers, machine builders, fabricators and
CAD/CAM specialists are the backbone of our company.

Services Offered

R. J. West offers complete machining services including milling, CNC turning,
and cylindrical grinding for a one-stop machining shop. Our business involves
the manufacturing of precision parts, including shafts, custom tooling, punches,
dies and molds for vacuum formed plastic lids and containers used in the
food packaging industry.

Our machining services include complete machine shop services for rapid
delivery of parts for general applications or industry specific usage.

R. J. West also offers engineering support to its customers along with
innovative ideas for quality improvement, sustainable application and
cost savings.

Our company is family owned and operated providing the kind of
personal service that translates into long-term mutual customer-supplier