50 Years Anniversary

West Brake Lathe

R. J. West is the manufacturer of the West Brake Lathe, a manually operated lathe for the
purpose of resurfacing rotors, drums and flywheels. We build two basic models, each comes
with a optional bench and backboard. Model 1115HD TrueCut is for Heavy Duty application
and Model 1215S is for Light Duty service. Both models are built rugged with heavy,
thick ductile iron casting.

Model 1115HD TrueCut - Heavy Duty
Accurately resurfaces automotive and light truck rotors, drums and flywheels. It comes with standard and optional tooling accessories. The 1115HD has a complement of brake lathe tooling and accessories available for many special applications.

Model 1215S - Light Duty Affordable light duty resurfaces automobile and light truck drums and rotors. Quick changeover from disk to drum in only seconds. Single cut finish with pre-set speeds. Runs smooth with efficient belt-driven system. Standard tooling is included in the package.