Engineering Support / Quality Assurance


Here to help

R. J. West offers engineering support to its customers. We have knowledgeable staff that will work with you in teamwork to consult you and help you find the technically soundest solution to your needs. Quality parts and assemblies are designed and built for hassle free performance in its final application with durability in mind, and of course cost efficiency to keep you competitive on the ever more demanding world market.

R. J. West with its computer integrated system linking all CNC machines with CAD/CAM station allows for efficient workflow reducing set-up times. This value-added service is vital in controlling costs and on-time delivery.

We will work with you to meet your deadlines because your success is ultimately ours.

Quality Assurance

R. J. West has Quality Assurance built into its work process. Every one of our tool makers / operators consistently checks on compliance to customer specifications. Our equipment has quality measuring capabilities as part of its features and all parts are being tested for accuracy at every step of production with help of precision measuring equipment.

Our zero tolerance stance to manufacturing defect along with strong relationships with our customers and raw material suppliers is the safe guard of Quality Assurance.